Verbal Homeopathy Part 3: Your Health is in your hands Kindle Edition

The third part includes Verbal Complexes for :

-eye disorder

-neurological problems

– thyroid problems

– psychological problems

– headache

– key monopreparations


Verbal Homeopathy is homeopathy of the WORD.
It is founded on the power of words and the memory of water.
Verbal Homeopathy is a new preparation method for homeopathic remedies that can be applied anywhere, anytime.
Verbal Homeopathy takes seconds to prepare and comes with no limitation to the extent of attenuation.
Verbal Homeopathy is more effective because it is perfectly pure and unpolluted.
Verbal Homeopathy is a preparation method for any kind of homeopathic remedy that will have the exact same effect as any other homeopathic remedy.
Verbal Homeopathy is a method anyone can apply to prepare custom complexes.
Verbal Homeopathy remedies can be administered every day. This way a powerful preventive effect is achieved in any field of human health – hereditary or cardiovascular diseases, oncological conditions and diabetes.
Verbal Homeopathy makes it possible to exert personal influence over the feelings of loneliness and lack of confidence, embarrassment and fear caused by unemployment and poverty.
Verbal Homeopathy includes homeopathic remedies prepared from radioactive elements.
Verbal Homeopathy makes it possible to attain results, at no cost, similar to those gained using expensive radionic machines.
Verbal Homeopathy is a method that enables you to take your health in your own hands


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